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A Fantasy Action & Adventure Novel for Adults

to wear a crown (1).png

When Lad Markham Aesher is attacked in the capital’s slums weeks before the start of the 16th Election of the People’s Monarchy of Aldahad, Staella – an ex-cage fighting champion hiding from the law, is employed as his protector.

She arrives to find a city on the precipice of chaos. Markham’s fellow Representatives are disappearing. A Rebellion is brewing in Yaekós’ underbelly. And a dark presence haunts the Aesher manor at nightfall.

As Staella uncovers Markham’s secrets, she is sucked into a world more dangerous than she could ever have imagined.


To Wear A Crown is a thrilling ride, from its compelling characters and suspenseful storytelling to its dastardly villains and incredible worldbuilding. This is one read you won’t regret.”

Kate Argus, author of The Wyndshaper

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